Not surprisingly, I have my morning culinary routines.

By far the most important one is the preparation of a fruit plate. The photo above shows a typical preparation.

Based on the number of people in the house on that day, I will select the right sized plate, and start the day cutting and preparing. I know very well that people will gravitate a lot faster to a 2 bite piece of fruit than to having to deal with a whole fruit, seeds, pits and all. Plus, we all like variety.

I can’t think of a better way to start ones day than to come into a kitchen and be greeted by a welcoming plate of the most basic, nourishing, healthy, good for you food around: Fruit. I can’t think of a better way first thing in the day to show that you care about the people you live with and provide for.

Something I have noticed is that on the very rare occasion I cannot put my fruit plate together, or if I observe how much food has been eaten by others if I am away a couple of days, its apparent that in presenting fruit attractively it gets consumed a lot faster than if it is hiding in a drawer or the fridge.

If you don’t already do something like this, try it. Don’t say anything. Observe. What is the reaction? What do they tend to do when they enter the kitchen? How soon do they gravitate to your plate of morning sunshine? How fast does it take to get gobbled up? What do people say?


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