Blueberry Jam

Its canning season for sure!

There are a number of (ever-growing) regulars I put up, and one of them is wild blueberry jam.

Wild blueberries are completely different – smaller, more intense, more complex in their flavoring – at $25/kilo for a huge basket from the Keady market, they are a luxury.

I really love doing canning outside, and my place of preference in Toronto is our 3rd floor deck – from it we see over downtown Toronto – the CN Tower is almost due south. I use the BBQ as my stove top – there are a number of heat alternatives on it: the side burner which is the most direct and intense heat, the bbq itself with a grate on, or off. Additional heat or coolness can be added by applying specific burners on specific levels.

I have been using Pomona’s Pectin for all of my canning – because it uses only honey as a sweetener – and not much of it at that. I feel therefore that my jams are pretty much guilt free. None of that ‘equal weight of fruit and sugar stuff that is the classic jam recipe.

This year I am not so pleased. I believe I have added too much honey. My family members will likely approve, as they like it sweet – but I prefer it tart.

So what did I get for how much? The 3.5 kilos  of berries were $90. I’d estimate the other ingredients including the propane at about $10. I got 48 125 ml jars out of it all – working out at about $2.08 per 125 ml jar. Not too bad.

Here are some pics of the operation:

What’s needed for a Pomona recipe: fruit, lemon, pectin, honey.

This is the stove set up.

My book, knives, vino


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