Homemade pizza in 30 minutes

True stuff! Make a homemade pizza in 30 minutes start to finish.
– oven to 450 pizzafeb2 (1)
– cornmeal on pizza stone & stick it in.pizzafeb2 (2)
– mix 300 g flour, 9g yeast, 6g saltpizzafeb2 (4)
– add 180g tepid water and knead until its thoroughly kneaded – about 3-4 minutes.pizzafeb2 (5)pizzafeb2 (6)
– roll out & put on a pizza peelpizzafeb2 (7)
– cut your toppings, grate your cheesepizzafeb2 (8)
– check oven temp. Add toppings when its at 400 degrees, not before.
– once it hits 450 slide her in for 10 minutes or so.pizzafeb2 (9)

Remove, pizzafeb2 (10)slice,pizza! bon appetite!

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