Tequila Lime Jelly

This recipe is on inspired by Cottage Country North preserves – though the development is all mine. It grows out of the white wine vinegar ideas I have been experimenting with, and is an initial response to “so what next”? after the previous blog.

I wanted the taste of both the lime and tequila to be prominent so I began the experiment with half a lime – 30g, to which I added a matching 30 g of tequila. To these 60g of taste ingredients I added 60g of sugar – 1:1. Following the basic chutney ratio of 1:1:1 (flavour/vinegar/sugar) I added 120g wine vinegar/sugar mix, where the wine vinegar is 3:1 wine to vinegar. Into all of this I put in 5% or so of salt – just enough to enhance flavour. It in total made a little under a cup. Since all of the sugar was added ahead of time, I have decided to go with Agar for the experimentation stage. In the recipe below I’ve multiplied by 10 to yield 9-10 cups. The ratios in brackets are premised on the lime weight being (1) and are in brackets.


300g limes (about 5) (1)
300g tequilla (1)
1200g brown sugar (4)
450g white wine (1.5)
150g white vinegar (.5)
50g salt (.06)
140g certo pectin (@ 2 -3 packages) (.46 – .5)
hot sauce/peppers/cayenne to taste


  1. Prepare 10 x 250 ml mason jars in a water bath (approximately 1/2 lime per jar)
  2. Squeeze the limes to get pure lime juice without any pulp. Weigh the resulting juice as this will determine the weight of other ingredients. The lime weight  is expressed as (1) in the ingredients list.
  3. Combine all ingredients – but not the sugar –  in a pot and bring to a boil.
  4. Add in sugar and return to boil for 1 minute.
  5. Remove from heat and can – due to the high acid you can probably get away with 5 minutes of canning time.

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