Perfect homemade pasta every time

This is going to be my shortest blog ever.

But it will show how you can make perfect homemade pasta each and every time.

Here is the trick. I’ll assume you have a pasta maker already.

Start by weighing your eggs (not your flour). 1 egg per person eating your wonderful ooh! and aahhh! homemade pasta.

Next divide the weight of the eggs by .6. This will be the weight of flour to use.

So if you are making pasta for 4 and your eggs weigh out to 215g, then 215/.6 = 358 which would be how much flour to add. The more precise you can be, the better will be your result.

This quite precise ratio will give you the precise amount of hydration to your dough so that when you put it through your pasta roller, it will be perfect. No extra flour needed, no extra water, no stickiness, no dryness either.

I’d like to add one note of warning, however. Even though your flour will appear to be completely dry grains, there is still some water content in it. I’ve found that different brands of semolinas require slightly different ratios in order to compensate. Its possible that the flour you have needs a 57% ratio – or in the case above, 215/.57 = 377g. You will know this if when using the 60% ratio it is too wet.

If you want to make something like spinach pasta, weigh the spinach or whatever it is, and add it to the weight of the eggs, because vegetables are 90% water so something like spinach would go on the wet side of the equation.

Something that has become apparent to me is that different brands of flours have quite different hydration points. The bulk semolina  my food coop used to sell was dry and worked great at 60% . Bob’s  semolina as well as Italian semolina locally available has a greater moisture content and needs a 50% hydration  (egg weightĂ·.5). 

Finally this post assumes you know how to cook said pasta in a great big pot of quite salty water…..


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